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Job Title:

Prep & Warehouse Manager


Banksmeadow, NSW

Employment Type: 

Casual, on-premise. Flexible work hours possible.



Are you passionate about Australian products and committed to ensuring they reach customers worldwide in perfect condition? We have an exciting opportunity for you at Good Aussie Stuff!

About Us:

Good Aussie Stuff is a proudly Australian company dedicated to sharing the best of Australian products with the world. We export a wide range of quality items, from snacks to unique cosmetics, celebrating the Aussie spirit.

Job Description:

As our Prep & Warehouse Manager, you'll play a crucial role in the core of our operations. Your strong attention to detail and ability to adapt to different tasks and challenges will ensure precise handling, preparation, packaging, and labelling of every product. In this role, maintaining an organised warehouse and finding efficient ways to complete tasks are paramount. We value people who think critically and innovatively about their work.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining an organised, efficient and clean warehouse environment.
  • Preparing, packaging, labelling products to meet our stringent quality standards.
  • Inventory counting to ensure stock accuracy and availability.
  • Handling incoming shipments and verifying their accuracy.
  • Preparing and sending out shipments.


  • Exceptional attention to detail – every product is important!
  • A proactive and enthusiastic work ethic.
  • Ability to engage in minor physical tasks such as moving boxes as part of daily operations.

Work Environment:

  • This role is fully on-premise at our Banksmeadow location.
  • We offer some flexibility in working hours to accommodate individual needs.

Why Join Us: At Good Aussie Stuff, we value our team and provide a supportive work environment. You'll be integral to a company that's proud of promoting Australian products globally.

How to Apply: To apply for this role, please send your resume and a cover email to daniel@goodaussiestuff.com.au, explaining why you're the right choice. Also mention your ideal weekly working hours.

Good luck, and we hope to welcome you to our team soon!

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